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Game of Thrones Talisker Select Reserve -House Greyjoy- whisky 0,7 45,8% pDD

Cikkszám: Ig-00971
Felvéve: 2019-03-29
Módosítva: 2019-03-30
Egység: 0.7 lBruttó egységár: 51 129 Ft / 1 l
Ár: 35 790 Ft
+ - Kosárba
Ár összesen: 35790 Ft 35790


Game of Thrones Talisker Select Reserve -House Greyjoy- whisky 0,7 45,8% pDD


Egy kis angol nyelvű komment, kóstolás,- idézet:

"William Morrison's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Light pepper and smoke which becomes a little spicier the more you nose it, some shy young citrus fruit, a little sweet honey and dark chocolate.

Taste: Gentle lemon and pear coated in Talisker's delicious signature spicy pepper, some salted caramel compliments the brown sugar sweetness.

Finish: A deliciously long, rich, sweet finish with vanilla, oak, spice - pepper and a lovely gentle touch of ginger.

Comment: It hasn't got a big in your face Talisker peppery nose but it is delicious on the palate and long finish, another quality expression from the Isle of Skye distillery or should I say House Greyjoy.

I have to admit I haven't followed The Game of Thrones series so I couldn't predict which whisky will prove to be more popular than others in the collection but from a whisky drinking point of view I can say that the Talisker Select Reserve Game of Thrones House Greyjoy is the best of the Game of Thrones releases I have tasted so far and certainly one worth seeking out whether it is for drinking or collecting but don't hang around, grab a bottle while you can, now available."



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